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Aug. 10th, 2011

pink vanessa

No humiliation

I just picked up a package of Depends from the local drugstore. (Bambinos are expensive, we save those for planned-out scenes.) The lady behind the counter was more embarrassed than I was - they were out of large bags for me to carry my diapers in. Me, I didn't care who saw me with them: no one else knew who they were for or how I planned to use them.

I mean, sure, if a yummy latex-dressed lady had walked up to me in the parking lot and said, "So, you like wearing those? Care to show me back at my place?" I probably would have blushed. I'd also have been worried for her... it's 90 degrees outside.

Jul. 18th, 2009

vinyl skirt

Mollie Fairy

Rose was away for a few days on business. So when she came home last night, I decided she'd go to bed padded the rest of the week. (Not that I told her this beforehand.)

Our supply of Bambinos ran out a month ago, so Wednesday night, I had to put her in Depends. Better than nothing, and I made sure to ladle on the baby powder to make up for that a bit. But on Thursday, the backup plan - a bag of Molicares - awaited me on the doorstep when I got home from work, and I was able to sneak them into the nursery before she got home from her paycheck.

So, Thursday night, I was able to tell her "you're going to be padded tonight - wait here" and come back wide-eyed, saying, "Look, Rose! The Molicare Fairy arrived while we were gone!" Her eyes went wide as saucers, and she's been able to go to bed thickly padded the last couple of nights with a huge smile on her face. The phrase "Mollie Fairy" came up over and over yesterday in happy babble - I'm not sure I've often given her a nicer surprise.

Last night, I wanted padding too, so I went to fetch two of the Depends. Rose insisted I wear a what she wore, though, and somehow I ended up with a pierced Depends under a Molicare, which Rose made me promise to flood today while she went to work. I slept like a - well, you know.

(Any time she's unable to relax and drop off to sleep after being diapered, applying her Hitachi Magic Wand on top of her padding sends her into orbit in no time. It must be like the "butterfly" toys they sell - the diaper takes the rough edge off the vibrations, and spreads them happily all over.)

(I had a heck of a time finding even proper Depends at the local stores. Everyone's selling the brand's 'refastenable underwear' now, and I kept muttering to myself, "I don't want 'refastenable underwear'. I want diapers. D-I-A-P-E-R-S. How hard a concept is that?"

Jul. 1st, 2009

blue baby


This weekend, I will continue a years-long Anthrocon tradition...

... of not being able to make it. :(

But I hope all my furry friends have fun, and there's always next year!

Jun. 28th, 2009

pink vanessa

Padded play

So, by this time we've had about five or six guests stay with us and sleep in the "day bed". It's so wonderfully well made and comfortable, that we've gotten compliment after compliment about the construction and workmanship; none of them have expressed any suspicion as to the piece's true identity. Only a couple of them have been let into the secret of the second gate, and well, they just had to stay in there the next morning until we let them out :)

We're almost out of both Molicares and Bambinos. Rose and I have decided that we like to keep both around, because sometimes we're just slightly more in the mood for one or the other. Honestly, I like having a few Depends around too for messy dessert play or diaper sex, just 'cause they're cheaper. I guess one's really gotten into it when one keeps different brands around for different occasions!

I have a nice thickly-padded PVC diaper pant from an eBay supplier that's closed up shop, and tonight I saw Rose trying it on when she thought I wasn't looking! Very exciting, and I think I'll be checking the deals in Pipineni's store in the near future...

May. 10th, 2009

blue baby

An AB crib in its natural habitat

I promised crib pics, and I finally got the chance to post them! Doing some strange stuff with LJ HTML, though, so let's see if this works...

More pics in the cut!Collapse )
Crib in Crib in day-bed mode
This is the crib with the gate folded down and away. We'd remove the vinyl stickers, and possibly the other gate, if we were truly trying to be convincing.

A truly wonderful piece of furniture!

May. 8th, 2009

messy plastic

Padded Plastic Cradling

A couple of nights ago, Rose and I padded each other in Bambinos before bed. I have to say, these are my new favorite sleeping diapers, bulky yet comfortable. Molicares are fun for kinky play, but if I just want to relax next to my sweetie, these are it! I slept so well and work up feeling so mellow, warm, and happy!

We'll have to get some more, we're about out. They aren't the cheapest item in the world, but I told Rose I saw no reason not to make it a 'priority luxury': something high on our list after all the bills are paid.

I'm still amazed that someone had the nerve to go to a major supplier and talk them into producing a line of diapers intended specifically for fetishwear. I can't imagine that too many hospitals and care facilities buy these! Clearly, it worked, so thank you, whoever you are!

May. 1st, 2009

pink vanessa

Furniture fandom

Last night we had three friends over: kinky and open-minded, but not ageplayers.

Didn't matter! They all had to try out the crib the moment they saw it, and all fell in love!

My favorite part: the submissive and her dominant slept in it last night (though we did fold the side gate under for the "no, really, it's a day bed" look).

thrashbear, you have done one awesome job.

(Pics of the crib in place as soon as I get them off the camera!)

Apr. 26th, 2009

blue baby

Custom work

Ever since I first heard that one could buy adult-sized cribs for kinky play, I've wanted to have one. But, once I researched the going rates, I knew I'd never have one. Then, I found thrashbear's LiveJournal. I drooled over his craftsmanship, but figured that I was still out of luck unless he offered a crib for $250 or so (not likely). Well, these days, Rose and I are a little more comfortable financially. And Thursday night, Thrash brought us the crib I've always dreamed of.

The woodwork is extraordinary. It's simply an excellent piece of furniture, and graces the room we've put it in. When I lie in it, the gates and ends tower over me, giving that wonderful 'little' feeling. When Rose lies next to me, the crib size forces us to cuddle close - another bonus! The gate operates smoothly, and folds conveniently underneath so we can use it as a day bed. And with the gates off, it's a lovely bed that any guest might sleep comfortably in.

On top of everything else, Thrash was a great guest. We had a lovely time with him on Thursday night, and when he found out that I'd been desperately searching for a ride across the state to handle some family matters, he didn't think twice about driving three hours out of his way to help me out. There just aren't a lot of folks like that out there. On top of that, I finally got to meet natashasoftpaw after reading her LJ for a few years. I really enjoyed having dinner with the two of them.

So, if you ever need some kinky AB furniture, I'd recommend the Heavy Metal Teddy Bear in a hot second. You won't be sorry!

Mar. 22nd, 2009

messy plastic

Yay Fetware

I have just been sealed for the night into a Molicare and locking plastic pants. I'm not sure who is more turned on: Rose or myself! (Probably me. But it's close.)

This is the first time I've ever been locked up, and oh my goodness it's making me all floaty and wildly excited. I'm tired enough that I should still manage to get to sleep, but I expect my dreams are going to be interesting. Oh my, does this feel good! I should not have waited so long to get these pants!

Mar. 16th, 2009

vinyl skirt

Trip to the store

Rose got a brand new satin little girl's nightie and bloomers today, which she loved. I padded her and dressed her in it, and then we saw a Pop Tarts commercial, and she decided that she needed a Pop Tart, and she needed one now!

Well, be careful what you wish for - I put shoes and socks on her, gave her a long coat, and dragged her to the store that way! She won't forget tonight soon, hee hee!

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