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blue baby

An AB crib in its natural habitat

I promised crib pics, and I finally got the chance to post them! Doing some strange stuff with LJ HTML, though, so let's see if this works...

Crib in Crib in day-bed mode
This is the crib with the gate folded down and away. We'd remove the vinyl stickers, and possibly the other gate, if we were truly trying to be convincing.
Rose's Rose's Princess decals
Rose found these reusable decals on eBay. They fit the crib even better than we hoped, and easily peel off with no mess should we need to.
The view from inside The view from inside
There's no doubt, when you lie down and the gates are up, that you are very little and might as well release your cares are drift off to sleep!
Side gate down Side gate down
The side gate in its normal "down" mode. One does need a stepstool or the like to get into the crib at this point - no forced bedtimes without other means of persuasion!
Crib gate up Crib gate up
And here's the crib with the gate up, ready for a restful night. Bear and Bunny seem very happy with the sleeping arrangements.

A truly wonderful piece of furniture!


There's no built-in way to lock the gate up, no. Though, without a step-stool, you really can't get out even with it down without taking a fall, and Thrash is exploring a locking top-cover addon for us.

As for the model... perhaps in a later post :)
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August 2011

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