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Mar. 10th, 2009

vinyl skirt

Diaper massage

I think that Rose needs to be padded tonight... we do have a Bambino or two left from the last batch. And then I'll produce her Hitachi Magic Wand... heh heh heh!!

Mar. 3rd, 2009


Well, it's like this...

Bad news: The room in which we we planning to put the crib really is too small. We can get it in there, but there will be no room to play.

Good news: We've got a bigger room which we can move stuff out of. It'll even be easier to move the crib into in the first place.

Bad news: Rose's parents may be in town and staying with us around the date thrashbear was planning to deliver the crib.

Good news: Rose's mom is comfortable with our lifestyle, and her dad is comfortably, intentionally blind to it.

Bad news: Decorating the 'nursery' will take longer than we exepected, as we're about to get hit with some heavy expenses (which will work out very nice in the long run, at least).

Good news: This won't affect the crib money, which is separate.

Bad news: I just discovered I tore a seam in my Pipineni outfit at last month's 'little' event.

Good news: I might - might - know someone who can fix it for me. Not soon, though.

Bad news: This is the best I could do for a journal entry today.

Good news: At least it's something. How was your week?

Feb. 25th, 2009

pink vanessa

The right fit

Rose and I went out last night and bought some things for the crib - big pillows, and a couple of room decorations. We re-measured the room last night, and found that it's tighter in there than we remember, so the crib may end up in another room. Or not. It'll end up somewhere, by jiminy, we've waited too long!

And today, I fulfilled another little desire I've had for years; receiving a pair of locking plastic pants from Fetware. They fit even better than I thought they would, and are generally awesome!! Looking forward to some fun with those...

Feb. 20th, 2009

blue baby

Sleeping arrangements

Just put real money down on a thrashbear crib.

I've fantasized for years; now this is actually going to happen.

[keanu] Whoa. [/keanu]

There are already plans to get some giant stuffed animals to go with...

Feb. 17th, 2009

messy plastic

Thick underwear

As if to celebrate my latest attempt to meet life head-on, tonight's trip to the local BDSM munch got a little special. Rose insisted we pad up in Bambinos for the trip, and kept goading me into drinking as much soda as she could.

We weren't embarrassed. One reads all the time in abdl fiction about how humiliated and mortified the narrator is, but we were giggling to ourselves the whole time. I can't imagine that anyone noticed - does anyone really pay that much attention to random people around them? - but Rose did drop some very broad hints to a couple of people at the munch!

I was afraid of leaks, and I haven't replaced my old plastic pants yet, so I had to wait until we got home to release what we'd been holding on to. Boy, those Bambinos really absorb. I flooded the thing, and in a minute or two felt almost dry.

Happy fetishy evening. I love my Rose!

Feb. 16th, 2009


Who am I again?

Vanessa has been feeling pretty repressed again over the last months. There are a lot of reasons, some good some bad, but I think the main one is that my core personality has been a little shaken, confused, and stressed for weeks and weeks, and it's made it next to impossible to relax into my little headspace. This time, I wasn't trying to leave it behind, I had no urge to delete my journal, etc. etc. etc. - I've just not been 100% sure who I was at all for a while.

Well, things are looking a lot better. Despite continuing drama in my life, I've been feeling lately like I have my feet back under me a bit, and it's time to jump back in and own who I am once more :)

Finally, after years of dreaming, I'm in negotiations for one of thrashbear's handmade cribs. The money's in place, I have somewhere to put it, and Rose is bouncing off the walls with joy over the idea; we just have to work out the details. Excited isn't the word - I got so worked up after my last email with Thrash, that I went to bed padded for the first time in far too long.

I also got to go to the Dark Odyssey kink convention this weekend, where they did have an afternoon area for animals and littles. I went out in 'public' padded and in baby gear (my usericon) for the first time in ages! There were stickers, and play-dough, and bubble blowing, but especially blocks. I can't resist making towers out of blocks (even when they get knocked over all the time)! Of course, the genetic girl littles and kitties got the most attention, but I still networked a little and made a friend or two - I can't complain!

Now, to stay centered, and stay myself, so it's not another four months before I post again!

Oct. 21st, 2008

baby maid

No Jack-o-Lantern Pants

The only Halloween party I figure to attend this year will be kinky, but not a great venue for little-girl Vanessa; no diapers there. I'd love to go to an AB/DL costume event someday, especialy since I have some great outfits!

Anyone on my Friends líst dressing little in public for the holiday? Will it be an AB/DL event, or a more general costume party? Let me live vicariously through your party plans!

(P.S. The outfit I am wearing, though, is pretty awesome. I should manage to have some fun either way.)

Sep. 22nd, 2008


Plastic Little

Dressing in diapers and frilly pink PVC felt easier among a group mostly consisting of strangers. I've done it twice at Black Rose, far from home and easy to shrug off any negative reaction as "people who don't really know me". And honestly, the second time I did it, most of the reactions were pretty positive. I've known for a while, though, that sooner or later I'd be bringing out my AB side in front of good friends: an intimidating idea!

The big local kink party loomed on Saturday night, and I know almost everyone who I'd see there. My friends there had all seen me in ladies' vinyl and latex before, but they knew little of Little Vanessa. Didn't matter: our evening guest was little with mild babyfur leanings; Rose wanted to go little too, in a plastic micro-skirt and cat ears; and I was drafted to join them!

Rose picked out my Pipineni romper to go in the suitcase, and out we went. Kinksters packed the party with the biggest turnout in months. There was no room to change privately into our outfits, and Rose had to publicly diaper me on the stair landing. That was probably as close as I got to wishing I'd dropped out.

But then, it turned great! Clearly this kink wasn't everyone's cup of tea. But on the other hand, I also heard things like "you two always come in the most amazing outfits!" (Yeah, that's going to discourage me from my constant PVC shopping. Not.) And one partygoer asked me to sit and talk to him about his repressed AB interests!

The highlight of the night for me happened when our guest emptied a bucket of foam building blocks on the floor. By sheer coincidence, another submissive showed up in AB gear with a teddy as big as she was, and in no time the four of us were on the floor building towers, knocking them over, and throwing blocks at each other. We got quite rambunctious, and a cute girl unexpectedly came over from the couch and started 'babysitting' the lot of us!

AB/DL means a kinky fetish and sexual thing for me, and and I don't figure that will change. Saturday night, though, it was all about an innocent carefree evening of letting out my inner 3-year-old and playing with the blocks. I've never really gone there, and I found it a wonderful experience. I hope to do it again!

(Okay, it wasn't completely innocent; some of the things we had the teddy bears do with the blocks weren't really PG-rated. But hey... kink party.)

Sep. 14th, 2008

vinyl skirt

Padding decision

I actually ended up getting the Molicares first. The main reason is that I'll have to wait a week-and-a-half for Bambinos to arrive, but I can get the Molis here by Wednesday or Thursday, and we might maybe be doing a AB scene with some friends this weekend. Definitely want to be sure we have something besides Depends for that. But I'll probably get some Bambinos when my next paycheck hits.

I did a little spanking and hair-pulling to Rose yesterday. Not at all a full scene, just something a little spontaneous, but I think she really liked it... the intense orgasm followed by the unintended 60-minute nap was a bit of a clue :) I don't know whether or not I'll ever be able to really dominate her, but I can learn to give her some of the sensations we both love, and there can't be anything wrong with that!

Sep. 11th, 2008

messy plastic

Diaper debate

I spoke too soon in a earlier entry when I said that Rose doesn't like Molicares very much. Rose saw an old video of me wearing one, and made happy comments about the purple goodness. We ran out of our initial order of Bambinos Tuesday night, and spent several minutes last night debating whether our next purchase should be Molicares or Bambinos. The Molicares are cheaper, but not by very much. On the other hand, the tapes on the Bambinos are much better, and they certainly look more babyish.

We eventually decided that we needed some of each! (And we may keep some Depends around for pudding play or stacking, but that's beside the point.) The question now is, which should I order first? The bank account really isn't in shape for me to just order a case of each tonight :)

On the other hand, as decisions go, that's certainly a fun one!

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