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messy plastic

Yay Fetware

I have just been sealed for the night into a Molicare and locking plastic pants. I'm not sure who is more turned on: Rose or myself! (Probably me. But it's close.)

This is the first time I've ever been locked up, and oh my goodness it's making me all floaty and wildly excited. I'm tired enough that I should still manage to get to sleep, but I expect my dreams are going to be interesting. Oh my, does this feel good! I should not have waited so long to get these pants!


Ready to go

Hey Vanessa, just letting you know that I'm all loaded up and ready to go anytime. Last we chatted you were in the process of moving, and if memory serves correct today was the day. You can call me at 440-338-2900 or drop me a line here on LJ or email at your convenience. Cheers!

Re: Ready to go

So sorry to keep you waiting! Not only have I been buried in the move, but Rose was a car accident a little while ago. She wasn't badly hurt, but lost her transportation, and I've been buried in dealing with that too.

If you're serious about going anytime, how would you like to come down tomorrow? Or that's way too little notice (I can understand how it might be), How about after the weekend? (Weekend if full of more moving, parental, and vehicle junk.)

Let me know, and I apologize again for the delay.

Re: Ready to go

I am so sorry to hear that Rose was in an accident! I figured that the move probably took your attention, I just needed to touch base to see what your schedule looked like. I don't mind waiting, but it's the Mechanicsville customer that's up my butt daily wondering when they're going to get their piece, and if I'm going to deliver one, I need to deliver both.

I can definitely come tomorrow, it will be sometime in the evening if I leave early in the morning. I will need at least half the delivery fee up front, though, which will cover my gas to get there. $135 should cover it.

I'll also need to know exactly where I will be dropping this off at, and if I'm setting it up or if it's going in storage for later retrieval. The headboards are heavy, weighing in at 100lbs. each, so I hope you have some muscle lined up if you'll have to move it again later.

I'll try and get back online later this evening, I'm at a library right now. Thanks for getting in touch and hope to see you tomorrow!
pink vanessa

August 2011

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