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blue baby

Custom work

Ever since I first heard that one could buy adult-sized cribs for kinky play, I've wanted to have one. But, once I researched the going rates, I knew I'd never have one. Then, I found thrashbear's LiveJournal. I drooled over his craftsmanship, but figured that I was still out of luck unless he offered a crib for $250 or so (not likely). Well, these days, Rose and I are a little more comfortable financially. And Thursday night, Thrash brought us the crib I've always dreamed of.

The woodwork is extraordinary. It's simply an excellent piece of furniture, and graces the room we've put it in. When I lie in it, the gates and ends tower over me, giving that wonderful 'little' feeling. When Rose lies next to me, the crib size forces us to cuddle close - another bonus! The gate operates smoothly, and folds conveniently underneath so we can use it as a day bed. And with the gates off, it's a lovely bed that any guest might sleep comfortably in.

On top of everything else, Thrash was a great guest. We had a lovely time with him on Thursday night, and when he found out that I'd been desperately searching for a ride across the state to handle some family matters, he didn't think twice about driving three hours out of his way to help me out. There just aren't a lot of folks like that out there. On top of that, I finally got to meet natashasoftpaw after reading her LJ for a few years. I really enjoyed having dinner with the two of them.

So, if you ever need some kinky AB furniture, I'd recommend the Heavy Metal Teddy Bear in a hot second. You won't be sorry!


It was so great to meet you too! Hopefully our paths will cross again in the future :-D
Awesome, I am so happy for you and Rose.
pink vanessa

August 2011

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