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vinyl skirt

Mollie Fairy

Rose was away for a few days on business. So when she came home last night, I decided she'd go to bed padded the rest of the week. (Not that I told her this beforehand.)

Our supply of Bambinos ran out a month ago, so Wednesday night, I had to put her in Depends. Better than nothing, and I made sure to ladle on the baby powder to make up for that a bit. But on Thursday, the backup plan - a bag of Molicares - awaited me on the doorstep when I got home from work, and I was able to sneak them into the nursery before she got home from her paycheck.

So, Thursday night, I was able to tell her "you're going to be padded tonight - wait here" and come back wide-eyed, saying, "Look, Rose! The Molicare Fairy arrived while we were gone!" Her eyes went wide as saucers, and she's been able to go to bed thickly padded the last couple of nights with a huge smile on her face. The phrase "Mollie Fairy" came up over and over yesterday in happy babble - I'm not sure I've often given her a nicer surprise.

Last night, I wanted padding too, so I went to fetch two of the Depends. Rose insisted I wear a what she wore, though, and somehow I ended up with a pierced Depends under a Molicare, which Rose made me promise to flood today while she went to work. I slept like a - well, you know.

(Any time she's unable to relax and drop off to sleep after being diapered, applying her Hitachi Magic Wand on top of her padding sends her into orbit in no time. It must be like the "butterfly" toys they sell - the diaper takes the rough edge off the vibrations, and spreads them happily all over.)

(I had a heck of a time finding even proper Depends at the local stores. Everyone's selling the brand's 'refastenable underwear' now, and I kept muttering to myself, "I don't want 'refastenable underwear'. I want diapers. D-I-A-P-E-R-S. How hard a concept is that?"


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August 2011

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